Should You Buy Ice Skates For Your Little Ones This Winter?

Ice skating is one of the best kid-friendly winter sports, but do your kids need a pair of brand-new skates to take part? Certainly not because rental skates are available, but it’s up to you to decide if buying new ice skates for your little ones makes sense.

Still Beginners?

If your kid is new to ice skating, buying them a brand-new pair of ice skates doesn’t really make sense. Kids get bored of new activities pretty fast, so it’s better to see if ice skating is going to become a regular hobby before you make a huge investment, especially since their feet will grow by next winter.

Using Rental Skates

Buying ice skates as soon as your little ones want to give this winter sport a shot also doesn’t make sense because rentals are available at pretty much every ice rink. They’re usually a little bit worn out and have dull blades when compared to a new pair, but they’ll do just fine if your kid is just a beginner.

Regular Hobby

Buying brand-new ice skates for kids makes sense if they’re getting serious about ice skating and want to do it on a regular basis. Decide for yourself if buying a new pair will cost less than renting skates, which can negatively impact your kid’s performance if they’re too old.