Should You Be Forcing Your Kids to Eat Bread Crust?

As far as picky eating habits go, throwing away bread crust is among the most common ones. Many kids don’t like its texture or taste, but should you be forcing them to eat it if they really don’t want to?

Food Waste

The main reason why you should convince your kids to eat bread crust is pretty obvious – throwing it away creates unnecessary food waste. If they avoid it at all costs, lead by example and eat their bread crust to show them it’s tasty and enjoyable.

Nutritional Standpoint

From a nutritional standpoint, all parts of the bread are created equal. The crust has all the same qualities as the soft interior, and if you’re trying to make your kids’ diet healthier, you’ll have to switch to whole-grain bread instead of convincing them to eat the crust.

Age Consideration

The texture of the crust can be too hard or chewy on kids’ little teeth, but you should try encouraging your kids to eat it once they’re old enough and their age is no longer a problem.

Food Experiments

Experimenting with different types of bread is sometimes all it takes to change the way your kid feels about the crust. Let them try pastries in different shapes and forms, from buns to croissants, until they’re ready to transition to eating the crust.