Sharon Stone is Grateful She Prioritized Motherhood Over Hollywood

Sharone Stone has been through many ups and downs over the years, but her children have certainly been a part of her very best moments. The Oscar-nominated actress revealed how motherhood affected her and said she’s grateful to have prioritized it over Hollywood.

Stone’s path to becoming a mom wasn’t an easy one, and she revealed she was unable to have biological children due to an autoimmune disease and endometriosis after suffering several miscarriages. She adopted her first son Roan with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein in 2000, and her life took quite a turn a year later after she suffered a brain hemorrhage.

She managed to overcome this struggle despite being given a 1% chance of survival, but the hardest part of the whole ordeal was losing custody of her child. Stone eventually managed to recover, and she has no regrets about prioritizing motherhood before everything else.

“I’m grateful that I chose motherhood as a healthy approach to my life and that I didn’t prioritize Hollywood because they certainly didn’t prioritize me,” Stone told People.

Stone didn’t let her near-death experience shake her commitment to her son Roan, and she went on to adopt two more children on her own – sons Laird and Quinn.