How to Deal With First Time Separation From Your Baby or Toddler

There is no doubt that the bond formed between parents and children, especially in their baby/toddler years is an incredibly special one. The reality is, that at some point there will be that first time separation.

These moments can arrive quickly so it is best for you to be adequately prepared.

Take it slow and ease into the separation. Leave your loved one for a short period of time the first time and be sure to leave your prized possession with someone you know and trust. This is imperative as you don’t want to spend the entire time apart rushing to get back because you are stressed.

How to Deal With First Time Separation From Your Baby or Toddler

Once, both you and your little one have adapted to your time apart you can start to increase the time you are away. If you are leaving your child with a sitter be present during both the interview and first few moments they are together, this will give you a chance to see how they interact as well as put your mind at rest as well as the capability of another person to look after your kid.

While saying good-bye and reassuring your little one that you will be back soon it is essential not to make your child or the sitter feel uncomfortable.

Remember, after a substantial amount of time together, a little bit of time apart, especially from little children can be difficult, but you will both be fine!

Most importantly, when you return, let them know how much you missed them, no one can ever hear that enough!