See What’s Inside “Baby Box “That Scotland Gifts to Every Newborn Baby

Some countries do a better job of taking care of their youngest citizens than others. For example, in Scotland, every newborn baby receives a “Baby Box” that is designed to “give every single baby in Scotland an equal start in life.”

While this initiative has been in place since 2017, people from other countries only learned about it recently thanks to a viral video posted on TikTok by Rachel Clenaghan. In a clip that got 3.6 million views, Clenaghan showed what the “Baby Box” looks like and what exactly comes in it.

For starters, the box itself is designed in a way that it can be used as a sleeping crib for the baby. It is lined with a mattress and comes packed with sheets. The box is illustrated with captivating drawings and can be colored.

Inside, the new parents also get all the essentials that they might need for their baby in the early days, including baby clothes, blankets, books for children, toys, bibs, and gadgets like a thermometer.

“So amazing we get all this. It helps out lots,” wrote Clenaghan in the caption.

Other TikTok users were amazed to find out about this, sharing their impressions in the comments section.

“I absolutely adore that every parent gets a baby box regardless of socioeconomic status,” one user wrote.

“I’m glad humans in this time somewhere are experiencing this. Maybe sooner than we think, every single new baby will have a baby box,” another one added.