School Bus Safety Tips Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Using a school bus is an excellent way for kids to socialize more and get a sense of self-independence. However, before letting their children board the school bus, parents should get them familiar with some basic safety tips.

Get Away From the Curb

Kids are usually eager to get on the bus as soon as it stops, so they tend to stand as close to the curb as they can. This can be quite dangerous due to potential slips and other hazards. Instruct your kid to remain a couple of steps away from the curb until the school bus completely stops.

Never Get Behind the Bus

Your kid should know that they should never get behind the bus, even if it’s just to cross the street. They should always do it from the front side of the bus while keeping a distance of at least 10 feet so the driver can clearly see them.

Use Handrails to Get On and Off the Bus

Tell your kid to always grab the handrails when getting on and off the bus. This will help them be more stable and avoid falls.

Don’t Push

Finally, tell your kid to avoid pushing to get on and off the bus. This is when the majority of the accidents surrounding the school busses happen. If there is a bigger crowd of kids wanting to get in or get out, your kid should know to wait for the doors to clear before attempting to do the same.