Scarlett Johansson Reveals How She’s Dealing With Her Son’s “Terrible Twos”

Many children become prone to impulsive behaviors at the age of two—so much so that this phenomenon became known by the name “terrible twos”. Scarlett Johansson’s son recently reached this age, and she revealed how she’s dealing with the latest stage of his life.

The term “terrible twos” refers to frequent temper tantrums and rapid mood changes that many children face around the age of two. This happens due to big developmental changes they’re going through and their feelings are suddenly becoming more complex and difficult to deal with.

Scarlett Johansson’s son Cosmo with Colin Jost recently reached this age, and “terrible twos” are hitting him hard. “I think the ‘terrible twos’ are more like tackling me! Like, actually physically tackling me,” said the Marvel star in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight when discussing her parenting journey.

Things are only going to get more difficult now that the new season of Jost’s show Saturday Night Live is on, but Johansson is happy to see her husband go back to work after the WGA strike came to an end.

“They’ve been like desperate to get back to work doing what they love. It’s definitely an adjustment in the household. That schedule is so crazy. But it’s always exciting to see those guys. They’re incredible, and we need them now more than ever,” she told Entertainment Tonight.