Ryan Gosling Decided to Give Up “Dark Roles” After Having Kids

Parenting can change people in many different ways, and it had a major impact on Ryan Gosling’s career choices. The Oscar-nominated actor revealed he decided not to take any “dark” roles after having kids so they wouldn’t have a negative impact on his family.

La La Land star has two daughters with his long-time partner Eva Mendes—Esmeralda Amada, 9, and Amada Lee, 8. His career trajectory significantly shifted after they were born, and he decided to give up heavy and dark roles for the sake of his family.

“I don’t really take roles that are going to put me in some kind of dark place. This moment is what I feel like trying to read the room at home and feel like what is going to be best for all of us. The decisions I make, I make them with Eva and we make them with our family in mind first,” Gosling told WSJ. Magazine.

He also revealed that La La Land was probably his first “lighter” project after he became a father. He agreed to do it because he felt it would be fun for his kids because they were dancing, singing, and practicing piano every day while he prepared for this Oscar-nominated role.