Remember to Make Time to See Friends as a Parent

Most parents find their weeks are crammed full of activities and duties. The working and school week are pretty non-stop, and weekends can often be just as busy in their own way. However, within all this chaos it’s super important to make the time to see your own friends and have some proper catch-up time. 

Important to Have a Separate World

It can be easy to start to feel that your identity is caught up in your family life. Of course, this will be a huge part of your identity, but it’s not the only thing. Having time with friends allows you to just be a friend without having so much responsibility on your plate.

Good to Catch Up With Friends

Having a proper chat and catching up to see what’s going on in each other’s lives is a big part of friendship and if you let this slip then your friendships may well start to suffer. Feeling connected to people you care about and their lives helps us feel like we’re part of a bigger network.

Keep in Contact in the Future

As mentioned, your schedule may be intense for now. But when your kids are grown up you’ll so appreciate having friends that you’ve kept in contact with over the years to spend time with.