Remember to Aim for Wholesome Compliments With Your Kids

When talking with your children it makes sense that you want to shower them with compliments. They are your own children after all, and you will likely be bursting with unconditional love for them. However, many compliments that may come naturally to a lot of people may cause more damage than good. Here’s why you should avoid certain compliments, and aim for more wholesome ones. 

Many Compliments Focus on Appearance

These kinds of compliments may seem super positive but can be quite complicated. They may give your children the sense that their worth is connected with their appearance which is a very unhelpful thought. Even ones that seem fairly neutral can cause concern issues with self-esteem and confidence. This of course will not be your aim, but comments from parents can have a big impact on a child’s self-image. 

Choose More Wholesome, Positive Ones

Compliments that instead focus on interests and hobbies can be great. This helps your children know that their experiences and choices matter and are positive. Additionally, complimenting personality traits such as kindness and helpfulness is a great way to give your child some praise while showing them what kinds of things matter most in life.