Reasons to Enrol Your Kid in Drama Club

After-school clubs and extracurricular activities can take up a lot of time, so it’s important to choose them well. Whilst it’s essential that your kid enjoys these activities and has some say in which ones they do, you may want to consider the benefits and advantages that certain activities can bring. Drama is one of the most beneficial clubs children can take part in—if you’re not convinced, read these three reasons to enroll your kid in drama club.


Taking part in weekly drama sessions with other children will really help your child to develop their confidence. This doesn’t mean that they will be forced to take on big parts straight away, most good drama teachers will let your child ease into the class. Practicing using their voice, body movements, and posture will help your child to feel more relaxed, and in turn, this will develop confidence. If your child’s teacher is telling you that they rarely share in class, or seem shy around other children, consider a drama class as a way to support them and grow their self-belief.


Working with others to create a scene or performance will develop your child’s sense of empathy and understanding of others. A vital skill in later life, a stronger sense of empathy can also support children in establishing new friendships. Indeed, performing a range of emotions on stage can also develop children’s understanding of emotions, both in themselves and others. An important lesson, and not one always easily taught in schools.


Developing your child’s sense of achievement, and encouraging them to feel proud of themselves, is easy when they’ve just finished a great performance in front of a live audience. Although something that will daunt many children, most are surprised to discover how much they enjoy performing to an audience and feeling proud of themselves afterward. It will also give you an opportunity to express the pride you feel in them, further boosting their confidence and self-esteem.