Ready, Set, Swim: How to Help Your Children Get Comfortable in the Water

Are you wondering how to transform your water-shy kiddos into little fish? You’re not alone. The journey from clinging to the pool edge to swimming freely is an exciting one. It’s all about creating a fun and stress-free introduction to swimming. Here are some tips on getting started. 

Make Bath Time a Splashing Adventure

Bath time is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to water in a safe and controlled environment.  Use colorful bath toys, sing silly songs, and gently pour water over their shoulders and back. This playful approach helps create positive associations with water making them more comfortable later on.

Embrace the Power of Play

Learning should be fun! Invest in some colorful floating toys and pool noodles for your next aquatic adventure. Encourage splashing, kicking, and blowing bubbles. Games like Marco Polo or hiding toys underwater can add an element of excitement and encourage exploration.

Lead By Example

Lastly, don’t forget that children learn best by observing their role models. Get in the pool with your child! Show them how much fun you’re having splashing around, floating on your back, or simply wading in the shallow end. Your enthusiasm can be contagious and help them feel more secure.