During Rainy Season, Why Be Bored When You Can Do These Instead?


It may be raining cats and dogs outside but that’s never a reason for not having fun indoors. There are a lot of activities that you can do under a roof that doesn’t have anything to do with videogames. They’re often virtue-building activities that can take your kids to whole new level.

Creative Writing

It doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning short story or a Nobel Prize-winning poem. It just has to be something that’s fun to write. Teens especially have a lot of feelings to process as they’re growing up the time to help them through it with this creative outlet.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work might sound boring but that’s not going to last long when they see the faces on the people they help out. The local public library is always on the lookout for teen volunteers. Having to work there exposes them to the wonders of books so they don’t have to rely on Google for every need.


There are other indoor activities such as visiting museums and attending cultural events. These are often overlooked but are surely worthwhile to visit. It helps with memory retention as the facts mentioned in history books are tangible in museums. Visual and auditory learners are surely going to have a lot of fun.

Other Indoor Alternatives

If the rain prevents you from stepping outside, why not build a blanket fort or perform a play? Both are a great way to pass the time. Building a fort is not only fun but allows your kids to work on their spacial and planning skills. While plays, on the other hand, your kids have the opportunity to learn the lines from their favorite play or movie and reenact them.  Or, have your kids create their own play and perform it for you.