Rachel Stirling Mastered the Art of Packing Delicious Lunchboxes For Her Kids

If you’re never quite sure what to pack in your child’s lunchbox, Rachel Stirling is here to guide you in the right direction. The mastermind behind the popular Instagram page The Lunchbox Mama became a true sensation after she started sharing photos of her kids’ lunchboxes with the world.

Stirling attracted a legion of loyal followers since starting her Instagram page in 2019, and she deserves all the attention coming her way. She’s devoted to helping other parents make fun food for fussy eaters – and actually enjoy making it, every step of the way.

Stirling is fully aware that most parents struggle with putting together a healthy and delicious lunchbox for their kids. Things tend to get even more challenging when you have to work with a tight budget, so she decided to show them how to make this chore stress-free and budget-friendly.

“Lunchtimes don’t have to be dull. I’m determined to show there are cheap and easy ways to make lunchboxes more exciting, while still making sure they’re packed with nutritional value to see children through the school day,” she told Mirror.

Stirling is a huge believer that “kids eat with their eyes” and that you can encourage them to try new foods by making them look fun. All her lunchbox photos are accompanied by detailed descriptions that you can follow to ensemble them on your own and surprise your little ones with the tastiest meal they could possibly hope for.