Quick Games to Play on the School Commute

Whether you walk, cycle, or drive, the school commute can get a little stressful and tense. Often, parents have spent the morning pleading with (or yelling at) their kids to hurry up and get ready. Reduce the tension and let everyone part on good terms by playing a simple game on the way to school. If you need inspiration, check out these game ideas here.

I Spy

A classic, this game requires one player to find something within their line of vision and then for the other player(s) to guess what the object is. You can make it as difficult or as easy as you like, and it’s a great one for resetting after an argument or falling out.

Guess Who?

This game works by having one player think of a person known to all of the players (such as a neighbor or teacher). The other players then have to ask questions to work out who this person is. It may be worth establishing a ground rule that the questions and answers need to be kind, as you are dealing with real-life people you know.

Which Animal?

Similar to Guess Who, this game involves one of the players thinking of an animal. Other players can then ask questions, such as “Are you a mammal?”, but the player thinking of an animal can only answer “yes” or “no”. Whoever correctly guesses the animal is the next one to think of one and answer questions.