Pros & Cons of Pencil Pouches Vs. Pencil Boxes Worth Keeping in Mind

Pencil pouches and pencil boxes are two of the most popular types of pencil cases on the market, and they both have their ups and downs. If you’re not sure which one you should pick for your child, we’re bringing you a list of pros and cons that will help you make the final verdict.

Pencil Pouches: Pros

Pencil pouches are usually made from more flexible fabrics, and they’re much easier to carry. Your child won’t have any trouble finding room for one in their backpack because they’re very lightweight, and they usually come with a lower price tag than pencil boxes.

Pencil Pouches: Cons

The main con of pencil pouches is that they can be pretty messy and difficult to navigate since they don’t offer the same level of organization as pencil boxes with their multiple dividers.

Pencil Boxes: Pros

Thanks to their built-in compartments and dividers, pencil boxes offer more organized storage for your kid’s stationery, but that’s not their only upside. They’re also much more durable because they’re made from sturdy materials.

Pencil Boxes: Cons

Despite their many cons, pencil boxes tend to be pretty heavy and bulky, and your child may struggle to find enough space for one in their already heavy backpack.