Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks Worth Keeping in Mind

With the school year soon approaching, many parents are looking for a perfect backpack for their little ones. Rolling backpacks are one of the most popular options on the market, but they come with several pros and cons worth keeping in mind.

Pro: Healthy Back

Your children are forced to carry heavy loads on their backs every day. By buying them a rolling backpack, you’ll help your kid lighten the burden and improve their posture.

Con: High Price Tag

Your budget will be pretty tight at the start of the school year and you might find a rolling backpack too pricy because they’re usually more expensive than traditional ones.

Pro: Ease & Convenience

Wheeled backpacks are much more convenient than regular ones because they’re easy to carry and offer enough storage room to fit all of your kid’s school supplies.

Con: Bad Terrain

Having a rolling backpack is all fun and games if your child is traversing an even terrain, but they’ll struggle with it if their path to school involves a lot of stairs and gravel paths.

Pro: Versatility

Wheeled backpacks are pretty versatile since they can be worn as regular backpacks, as well.  

Con: Extra Weight

The main problem with carrying a rolling backpack on your back is its heaviness. Wheels and handles will put extra weight on your child’s back so it’s best to avoid carrying them this way.