Pros and Cons of Telling Your Kid About the Tooth Fairy

You probably know all about the Tooth Fairy and the chances are that you believed in it at one point during your childhood. But what about your kids? Should the Tooth Fairy also be part of their childhood?

It is important to note that most experts agree that the myth of a fantasy creature that takes a kid’s lost tooth in exchange for money isn’t harmful to children. However, it is up to you as a parent to decide whether to introduce it to your kids. Before you make that decision, check out these pros and cons of telling your kid about the tooth fairy.

Pro: Losing Teeth Seems Less Terrifying

Understandably, most kids are quite scared about losing their teeth regardless of how much you try to convince them that they’ll get new ones. With the Tooth Fairy in the mix, they might feel a lot more reassured by knowing they will get something nice out of it.

Con: You’re Lying to Your Kid

Most parents want to keep an open and honest relationship with their kids. Despite being a harmless lie, and maybe for their own good, Tooth Fairy is still a lie.

Pro: It Can Help Promote Good Oral Hygiene

With Tooth Fairy as their sidekick, parents can do a lot to promote good oral hygiene. For example, they can tell children that Tooth Fairy only takes teeth that have been washed twice a day or that are cavity-free.

Con: The Tooth Fairy Can Be Scary

While Tooth Fairy has “good intentions”, her methods aren’t exactly the best. Some kids might feel scared about a strange creature that gets in their rooms at night and takes their teeth.

Pro: It Can Boost Kids’ Imagination

Like all fantasy and mythical creatures, the Tooth Fairy plays a role in boosting the kid’s imagination and prompting them to wonder about the world that surrounds them.