Pros and Cons of Letting Your Kids Watch Anime

Unlike cartoons, anime content is not always specifically developed for kids. While some of them are light-hearted and kid-friendly, others cover subjects that are either hard to understand or inappropriate for kids. This is why you should consider some pros and cons before letting your kids watch anime.

Pro: Getting to Know a Different Culture

Anime is a great way to introduce your kids to a different culture. They can learn more about Japanese traditions and customs and get exposed to things that can broaden their horizons.

Con: Seeing Inappropriate Content

As we previously noted, anime can have content that is inappropriate for kids, like violence or explicit language. This is why you should be careful about choosing the type of anime that is appropriate for their age and degree of social development.

Pro: Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Anime movies and series are usually beautifully drawn and contain plenty of fantasy or sci-fi elements. Watching this type of content will encourage your kid’s creativity and spark their imagination.

Con:  Hard to Understand

Since they are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and ways of living, anime can be quite difficult to understand for kids. They might have a hard time engaging in them, which will lead to boredom.

Pro: Plenty to Choose From

Anime content explores a variety of themes, from friendship and love to action and history. This makes it easy to find a theme that your kid is passionate about and will actually enjoy.