Pros and Cons of Letting Your Kids Have a TV in Their Room

When their kids get older, many parents will let them have a TV in their room. If you are thinking about the same, make sure to consider the pros and cons of this before making the final decision.

Pro: No More Arguing About the Remote

More often than not, parents and kids will want to watch different things. Having an extra TV brings an end to the argument about who will control the remote.

Con: It Can Be a Distraction for the Kids

Having a TV in their own room can often serve as a distraction for the kids. Watching a movie or a few episodes of their favorite television show will always be more appealing to them than learning and doing their homework.

Pro: TV Will Help Them Relax on Their Own

Watching TV should be a form of relaxation, but that can be hard when there is something constantly happening around you. By having their own TV, your kids will get to relax appropriately and have more fulfilling screen time.

Con: It Could Affect Their Sleep

An important thing to consider is how TV will affect your kids’ sleep. While watching TV helps some kids fall asleep faster, it can have the opposite effect on others. If you do get your kid a TV in their room, you should make sure that they are not staying up late watching it and losing sleep because of that.