Pros and Cons of Having a Family Pet

For some people, having a family pet is a no-brainer. However, if this isn’t the case, then it can be harder to know what would be best. The truth is, it’s a difficult choice. Here are some good and bad sides to pet ownership. 



Whether you’re a cat or dog person, there’s no denying these furry companions are particularly good at bringing joy into your life. Kids will gain so much happiness from cuddling their fluffy friends.

Emotional Skills

Learning how to care for an animal is a great way for kids to improve their emotional capacity. The sad but inevitable end to this relationship may be heart-wrenching but also helps kids understand the cycle of life in a healthy way.



As wonderful as they are, pets require a lot of thought, attention, and time. You’ll always need to be considering who can look after them if you’re away.


The upfront cost of a pet can be very minimal if you want a rescue, but the hidden costs can be painful. Food and general care are ongoing expenses, and an unexpected vet bill can be extortionate.