Pros and Cons of Getting Your Kid a Tablet

Tablets have become a must-have piece of tech in most households. They are fairly cheap, practical, and a lot of fun. But if you are thinking about buying one for your kid, there are several pros and cons you should consider first.

Pro: They Are a Source of Entertainment

A great thing about tablets is that they allow you to browse the internet, watch movies and TV shows, and play video games on the go. Thanks to this, they can be a source of entertainment for your kid either at home or when taking a longer trip.

Con: They Lead to Prolonged Screen Time

It is easy for kids to fall in love with tablets, and they will probably want to use them much more often than you are comfortable with. This will lead to prolonged screen time and discourage your kid from taking part in other activities.

Pro: They Can Be a Learning Tool

The tablet is a great learning tool if used in the right way. It can help toddlers get more familiar with the tech in a safe way, while older kids can use it to read books or research things that interest them.

Con: They Can Interfere with Kids’ Sleeping Patterns

Using tablets before sleep is a habit for many adults, so you can be sure that your kid will pick it up as well. It will start as watching a short cartoon before bedtime but might turn into prolonged use that will make it harder for them to put it away and go to sleep. This can interfere with their sleeping patterns and result in bad quality of sleep.