Parents of Picky Eaters Will Appreciate These Helpful Tips

Parents have different approaches when they have a picky eater on their hands. Some simply don’t include the food their kid doesn’t like, while others pressure kids into eating the food they don’t like. And neither is actually a good choice.

When you let your kid make the rules, they might miss out on some nutritional and healthy food. On the other hand, if you don’t care for your kid’s food preferences, meals might turn into a stressful experience for them. Instead, try some of these helpful tips.

Eat the Food Before Giving it to Them

If kids see that you are eating the same food and that you actually like it (fake it if you don’t), they will feel more comfortable trying it themselves.

Don’t Be Pushy but Also Don’t Give Up After the First Try

When you discover that your kid doesn’t like a particular food, hit a pause on it for a week or two before trying again. When you prepare it again after that, give it a slightly different twist. Maybe your kid will change their mind.

Put Extra Effort into Presentation

When the food looks good, the taste also improves. This is especially how kids perceive food. So make sure you put some extra effort into the presentation of the food that your kid might not like.

Incentivize Your Kids

This might be one of the best ways to have your kid overcome their picky eating habits. Tell them if they finish their meal or try a particular food, they will get rewarded. This can be anything from small toys to extra playing time.