Nutritious Foods For Kids Packed With Protein and Fiber

Sometimes, thinking of new foods to introduce your kids to that are healthy and nourishing can prove difficult. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are some highly nutritious foods packed with protein and fiber that are sure to give your kids the nourishment they need to tackle the day.


What’s great about lentils is that they are not just healthy but versatile. You can put them in a hearty soup, add them to a crunchy salad, or even eat them on their own if you’re short on time.

Whole Wheat Bread

The next time you’re out bread shopping, don’t just buy whatever you find on the shelf. Instead, opt for whole wheat bread. Not only is it higher in fiber than regular white or brown bread, but it will go well with any recipe you would normally cook up using other bread you would normally buy.


No matter the color, beans are a high source of protein that can easily replace meat if you’re in the mood for vegetarian food. Consider using them to cook up a scrumptious burrito or perhaps a bean casserole.


Whether they’re fresh or frozen, peas are an easy source of protein that goes with a variety of dishes. Whether you’re cooking beef, chicken, or lamb, consider cooking some peas as a scrumptious side dish.