Most Efficient Ways to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Kid

Power struggles are a completely natural part of a parent-kid relationship. However, they usually don’t turn out good for either side, so it is best to avoid them when possible. Here are some most efficient ways to do it. 

Let Them “Win” if There is No Bad Consequence

You shouldn’t always aim to get your way. Let your kid “win” in situations when there are no bad consequences coming out of it. You will avoid getting stressed out while your kid gets a sense of accomplishment.

Let Them Make More of Their Own Decisions

Letting your kid have more freedom in making their own decisions has multiple benefits. Besides avoiding power struggles, it will also help them be more independent.

Don’t Make Demands, Offer Choices

There is a better chance your kid acts poorly if you are demanding something. Instead, try to offer them choices that will lead to what you want to accomplish. This way, they will feel like they have a say in it.

Distract Them

If nothing else does the trick, distracting your kid is usually effective. Take their mind out of the power struggle situation by engaging in another activity or giving them some menial but important-looking task that will occupy them.