Mom Shows How Her Triplets React Differently to Feeding in a Funny Video

Having triplets presents a unique challenge, especially if each one has a different personality that parents need to cater to. This is something that TikToker Jocelyn Kenmure experiences on a daily basis.

Kenmure recently welcomed triplets Juniper, Willow, and Eden and quickly realized that they don’t have much in common except being born on the same day. Each baby has its own personality, and that leads to all sorts of funny situations in the Kenmure household.

In order to demonstrate how eventful it is to be a mom of triplets, Kenmure shared a video on social media that shows how they react differently to feeding.

The funny clip shows Juniper being unsatisfied with the amount of food he received. The baby boy is crying, obviously wanting more.

Juniper’s sisters, on the other hand, are in a completely different mood. Willow looks content, while Eden had more than plenty, being already passed out. 


Took this while we waited for more milk to heat up for our hungry Juni boy! Its crazy how much they are growing into 3 unique individuals. I love learning more about them ever day. #tripletsoftiktok #tripletmom #newbornbabies #fyp #triplets #tripletlife

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Kenmure’s video quickly went viral, reaching close to 12 million views in two weeks and getting thousands of comments from other TikTokers who found it very amusing.

“Different reviews same restaurant,” @dr.shery.mua commented.

“The last one is definitely me after a good meal,” @thatnelsonguy added.