Mom Shares Genius Hack She Uses to Stop Her Kids From Fighting

Parenting multiple children is quite a challenge. Not only do you have double responsibilities, but you also need to make sure to give them the same treatment while resolving various fights and disagreements between them. If you are struggling with the latter, then you might find a hack shared by TikToker Kellie Henry quite helpful.

In a viral video, which got almost two million views, Henry shares how she stops her kids from fighting about small things like where they sit in the car during rides. According to her, she manages to resolve most of the confrontations by assigning each of her four kids a day in the week.

“We go youngest to oldest, Monday through Thursday,” Henry says in the video. “On their day, they have extra responsibilities, but they also get special treatment.”

Henry explains that the extra responsibilities might include emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and feeding the dog. In return, kids get perks like choosing where they sit in the car, getting a say in what’s for dinner, and being able to pick out what’s on TV.

“It’s just like so much stress out of my brain, and my kids don’t battle about it,” she concludes.

If you have a tough time keeping a peaceful environment among your kids, give this hack a try. Maybe it ends up making parenting just a tiny bit easier.