Mark Wahlberg Says Daughter Grace is “More Disciplined Than Me”

Actor Mark Wahlberg is well-known for having an impressive work ethic and discipline. The Other Guys star, for example, wakes up around 3 a.m. every morning and manages to do a workout, spend some time praying, play some golf, and fit in several business meetings and chores before noon. As it turns out, this discipline has rubbed off on his children as well.

In a recent chat with E! News, Wahlberg spoke about his 13-year-old daughter Grace and her goal of becoming an equestrian. At one point, he proudly proclaimed that she had more discipline than him.

“My daughter, believe it or not, is more disciplined than me,” Wahlberg shared. “I didn’t adopt that kind of discipline until I was in my 30s, and I had to do it because of work.”

According to Wahlberg, Grace is committed to her passion and wants to be the best at what she does. 

“And now, she does it on her own because she wants to be an Olympian,” he added.

Wahlberg frequently expresses his support for Grace on his social media, sharing videos from her performances at equestrian events.

Grace is the youngest child of Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham. The couple has three more children together: 20-year-old Ella, 17-year-old Michael, and 15-year-old Brendan.