Mandy Moore Reveals That Having Kids Inspired Her To Go Back to Making Music

Mandy Moore found success as both actress and singer, but she’s mostly been focusing on her Hollywood career in recent years. That is slowly starting to change, and she revealed that becoming a mom inspired her to go back to making music that her kids could listen to.

Moore has been pretty busy with her acting career since landing one of the lead roles on the NBC drama This Is Us. She gave birth to two sons – Gus and Ozzie – as the show neared its ending in 2022, and she admitted they inspired her to go back to making music.

“I feel like having kids has really made me think about making cool music for them one of these days. I don’t know if that would be original songs or covering songs,“ she told People.

Moore said she’s especially inspired by the two-year-old Gus, who has great music thanks to his dad Taylor Goldsmith, the frontman of the folk-rock band Dawes. He introduced him to music by Tom Petty, The Kinks, and The Beatles, and Moore is hoping she’ll get to record some new music for her son to enjoy.

Moore took a break from music for a full decade during the 2010s, but she’s ready for a comeback. Her latest album In Real Life came out last year, a few months before she gave birth to Ozzie on October 21.