Maluma Reveals He’s Going to Be a Dad With a Music Video

Colombian music star Maluma is going to be a dad. The “Felices Los 4” singer recently revealed that he is expecting his first child with girlfriend Susana Gomez.

Maluma shared the news in a music video for his newest track “Procura”. The music video features clips of Maluma and Gomez sharing some sweet moments together. One of them shows Gomez getting an ultrasound and the couple marveling at the pictures of their unborn baby.

The “Procura” music video wraps up with scenes from the gender reveal party, which signals that the couple is expecting a baby daughter.

Maluma later confirmed he is going to be a father during an appearance on Alt.Latino podcast.

“It’s such a big dream. I always dreamed about this,” Maluma said. “It’s perfect timing. I mean, all the beautiful things that I’m living. I’m looking for more personal experiences, too, you know? I love my music. I love being on tour, but I also want to keep growing as a human being, not only as an artist.”

According to Maluma, he and Gomez already picked out the name. The baby girl will be called Paris.

You can watch Maluma talking about becoming a dad in the clip below.

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