Kids Party Games That Never Fail

If you’re hosting a kid’s party, there can come a point mid-afternoon when most of the guests are getting a little tired and cranky. Although you could always call parents and ask them to collect, playing a good game can reset things and get the party back on track. If you need to whisk out a game at the last minute, try one of these, as they require minimal prep and the rules are easy to understand.

Duck, Duck, Goose!

A classic, to play this game ask everyone to sit in a circle. One person starts moving around, gently tapping everyone on the shoulder or head as they say “duck”. When they choose, one person becomes “goose”—this person has to chase the other around the circle until the person being chased reaches the other’s seat. The new person then goes around, calling out ‘duck’ until they are ready to be chased by the next goose!

Musical Chairs

The only prep this game requires is having a kid-friendly playlist available on your phone or device. Start with everyone seated on a chair, then get them up and dancing around the room. As the music’s playing, remove one of the chairs from the floor. When the music stops, everyone needs to find a chair to sit down in—whoever’s without a chair is out for the rest of that round (or, has been promoted to judge alongside you, if they’re struggling with the idea of being out).

Splat the Rat

To prepare for this, you will need an old drainpipe or some tubing, an old sock, and a cricket or sports bat. Fill the sock with old textiles and tie it at the end (so that it loosely resembles a rat). Prop up the tubing against a wall, and enlist an adult to drop the rat down the tube. The children are aiming to hit the rat with the bat (it’s surprisingly difficult). You may also want some small packets of candy to hand out to those who manage to splat the rat.