Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Her “Parenting Fails”

All parents mess up and make mistakes every once in a while, and our favorite celebrities aren’t immune to occasional slip-ups. Kelly Rowland opened up about her “parenting fails” in a recent interview, where she discussed the importance of raising her sons with integrity and pride.

Rowland has two children with husband Tim Weatherspoon – the eight-year-old Titan and the two-year-old Noah. She recently appeared on the cover of Kindred By PARENTS digital issue and discussed her parenting journey with the magazine – including the mistakes she made along the way.

“The parenting fails for me is when I don’t have enough in my cup. And by accident, I might just say the wrong thing. Like, ‘Go back to the other room,’ instead of saying, ‘You know what? Titan, I need a minute.’ It’s not knowing how to regulate myself and I do it in the wrong way,” she explained.

Rowland also said it would break her heart when she was away from home for work and missed some of her sons’ big moments. She recalled one instance when she hopped on two 14-hour flights from Australia to spend a couple of short hours with Titan because he missed her.

Rowland also opened up about her determination to raise boys who have integrity and are proud of themselves. The former Destiny’s Child singer that her main priority is to raise “really great young Black men in this world who were sure of themselves and didn’t have to be told who they were.”