Kayla Sullivan is Hilariously Reporting “Reel” News About Parenting

Parenting young children can be challenging, but Kayla Sullivan found a creative way to put a hilarious twist on the ups and downs of being a mom. The former news anchor became a viral sensation after she started sharing silly videos that show her reporting about her family drama in real-time.

Sullivan is a former political reporter, who worked for FOX59 and CBS 4, before taking a break to raise her baby. Her viral videos were inspired by her previous career, and they allowed her to mix her two passions into one.

“I have missed reporting and this was a great way to have the best of both worlds! I am using my talents from TV news to bring comic relief to parents across the world. It’s so much more fun than reporting on the doom and gloom of the world as a real TV news reporter,” she told Bored Panda.

What makes her videos so hilarious is that she’s reporting in a serious tone, making her parenting reports sound just like real news… while also holding everyday objects instead of a microphone. Her Instagram reels and TikToks gained millions of views over the years because all the parents out there find them super relatable.