Karlie Kloss Opens About Her Compassionate Post-Baby Wellness Routine

Karlie Kloss became a mom for the second time this summer, and she recently opened up about her post-baby wellness routine. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel said she’s practicing “self-compassion” after giving birth to two children because her fitness routine significantly changed afterward.

Kloss has two children with her husband Josh Kushner: the two-year-old son Levi and four-month-old Elijah, who was born in July. She recently discussed motherhood with People and said it feels so special to watch her sons growing up together.

Kloss also discussed her workout routine and revealed that she’s trying to stay in shape after giving birth while also practicing “self-compassion” because her body just created life and went through many changes.

“[My routine has] gotten more efficient. I feel like my philosophy has gotten much more about strength in sustainable ways. So I do light weights and also body weight exercises. I travel a lot still, so I don’t always have a gym nearby. So I like to do things that I can do anywhere,” said Kloss.

Kloss also dropped some hints about her diet, and said she isn’t restricting herself because she comes from “a long line of carb lovers.” Her priority is to listen to her body, and just do what she can to rest, recover, and refuel her body.