Joseph Gordon-Levitt Reveals How Fatherhood Changed Him

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a proud dad of two sons, and everything around him changed completely once they walked into his life. The Golden Globe-nominated actor recently opened up about his parenting experience, and said that fatherhood turned him into “a big softie”.

Gordon-Levitt and his wife Tasha McCauley tied the knot in 2014 in a private ceremony at their home. McCauley is the founder and CEO of the technology company Fellow Robots, and they have two sons together, born in 2015 and 2017. The couple has always been extremely private, and they’ve never publicly shared any details about their kids with the media, including their names.

Despite trying to shield their kids from the media attention, Gordon-Levitt dropped some hints about their relationship in a recent interview with People. He revealed that being away from his kids is quite a struggle because fatherhood turning him into a big softie.

“One of the soldiers asked, ‘What do you do to keep in touch with your family when you’re away like when we’re away from ours?’ And, man, that really got to me. There I was in tears in front of all these guys, just a big softie. I have a new idea of what that is in the context of being a dad,” said Gordon-Levitt.