Jonas Brothers Reveal How it Feels to Tour as Dads

Jonas Brothers are currently preparing for their first tour since 2021. The tour will be special for several reasons. Firstly, they will perform all songs from their first five albums in a single night for each show. Secondly, they are embarking on a tour as dads for the first time.

In a recent chat with PEOPLE magazine, Jonas Brothers shared how they balance touring and being dads. Nick Jonas said that his wife Priyanka Chopra and daughter Malti make an effort to be on the shows as often as possible, which makes things a bit easier.

“It’s just about being present in all the moments you can,” Nick added. “For me in particular, I try to do the best I can to always be there when I can be, but it’s different for everybody.”

Kevin Jonas, on the other hand, says his two daughters also love to be part of their touring experience. However, once it’s school time, he keeps in touch with them via FaceTime.

“Sometimes I’m getting ready to go on stage, and I think about that math and fourth-grade math is different than it used to be,” he explained. “So I’m a little more nervous this year about my ability to help.”

Nick was the last to join the dad club in the band, welcoming his daughter in January 2022. Kevin has two daughters, six-year-old Valentina, and nine-year-old Alena. Finally, Joe Jonas has a three-year-old daughter Willa and has welcomed another baby girl in the summer of 2022.