Jessie J Opens Up About Giving Birth to Her First Baby Via C-Section

Jessie J gave birth to her first child last month, and she recently shared the story of her son’s birth on social media. The British singer revealed she had an emergency C-section despite prepping for a natural birth for the past nine months and sent encouraging words to women who went through similar experiences.

Jessie J was hopping she would give pool birth, ideally with no medication, but her plans fell through when she was advised to have C-section 40 weeks into her pregnancy. Safety was always her main priority, and she never felt like she missed out on the birth she wanted because she got to hold her baby boy in her arms.

After her post blew up on social media, Jessie J sent words of encouragement to all the other moms who had C-sections and reminded them they had to do what was best for them and their babies.

“I don’t think I realized the impact my post would have on so many women who have felt shame or guilt from having a C-section. Planned or emergency. If no one else told you I will. It’s by no means an easy way out. It’s a birth,” she wrote in one of her Instagram stories.

After a lot of speculation, Jessie J also confirmed the identity of her baby daddy in one of her Instagram posts. She posted a touching tribute to her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman, saying he lit up her dark days and gave her many of the best gifts of her life.