Jennifer Lawrence Explains How Motherhood Changed Her Approach to Acting

After taking a break from acting, Jennifer Lawrence is back in the spotlight with her new summer flick No Hard Feelings. She became a mom before filming this raunchy comedy, and motherhood significantly impacted the way she approaches all new projects.

Lawrence gave birth to her son Cy in early 2022, and it took a while before she felt it was the right time to go back to acting. The Oscar-winning star wasn’t looking for her next project when No Hard Feelings came her way, but its script was too good to pass up and it lured her back to acting.

Lawrence was recently interviewed by Cameron Diaz for Interview Magazine and dishes about her thought process before accepting new projects.

“There’s no squeezing [projects] when you have a baby. There’s just home, and it’s the best. It definitely helps weed out projects: ‘Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Is this worth being away from my child for half the day?’” said Lawrence.

The Hunger Games actress also gave a shoutout to her husband Cooke Maroney and said he’s part of the reason why she doesn’t feel guilty about going back to acting. She described him as “the greatest father in the entire world” and said she only feels “usual everyday, all-day parent guilt” when she’s working thanks to his hands-on approach to parenting.