It’s Okay for Parents to Have Specific Roles

Parents should always share the load equally, but some people take this idea a bit too far. Some believe that equal parenting means that both parents should be doing the exact same thing. They get way too caught up in the idea of equality that they start to forget about the most important thing—enjoying their child and loving every moment in the best way they can. Here’s why it’s more than okay for parents to have different, varied, and specific roles.

Abilities and Interests are Different

When it comes to couples comprised of men and women, genders have different capabilities, such as breastfeeding. However, people, in general, have different interests as well, and there’s no problem with this being reflected in how we raise our kids. If one parent loves buying clothes for their child but their spouse isn’t so into fashion, there’s nothing wrong with the first parent taking care of that department. Or if one parent has a particularly hard time with diaper duty, the other parent can carry the load on the end.

Circumstances are Different

It’s also important to note that circumstances for each parent can be different as well. Maybe one parent doesn’t end their job till super late at night, and therefore it stands to reason that the other spouse would take care of bathtime. All situations are unique in their own right, and that’s why it’s important not to get too sacred about equality. Sure, it’s important to communicate with one another if you feel the other isn’t holding their own weight. But at the same time, appreciate your specific situation as well.