Is Your Teenager Obsessing Over Their Skin? Here’s How to Support Them

There are more and more reports of teens and even pre-teens becoming obsessed with buying anti-aging creams. While the creams in themselves aren’t harmful, there is evidence that younger teens who use them are more likely to develop issues with self-image and self-esteem. If your teen is showing signs of an obsessive interest in skincare, particularly anything with anti-aging properties, try these tips to support them through this and ensure it doesn’t become a lifelong obsession.

Find Inspiration in Older Beauty

Whether you draw your child’s attention to it, or simply casually leave around some images and magazines featuring older models, letting your child see that women and men with grey hair and wrinkles can still be regarded as beautiful can be an important way to demonstrate that youth isn’t a requirement to be considered beautiful.

Encourage Other Interests

Keeping up to date with beauty releases can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby. Encourage other interests, whether these are linked with outdoor activities or something else your child enjoys doing. By encouraging and perhaps even financially supporting their other hobbies, they will have less time to obsess over beauty products and their image.

Seek Professional Support

If your child is still obsessing over anti-aging creams and their own appearance, it may be a good idea to seek some professional support from a licensed therapist. These issues can often get worse without some structured help, and a good therapist can provide you with some practical advice, as well as supporting your child.