Is Your Kid Ready for an Ear Piercing?

Many parents face the inevitable pleading from their kids for an ear piercing at some point. For some kids, this is a fleeting desire, but others may continue to request this exciting accessory for a while. If this is the case and you’re feeling very unsure about it, here are some important points to consider. 

Are They Fully Aware of What It Involves?

Lots of kids may well look at people’s pierced ears and wish for the same sparkly jewel on their lobe. Just make sure that your child understands that this is a permanent accessory that, as the name suggests, actually pierces through the flesh, as opposed to a simple stick-on gem.

Will They Manage the Aftercare?

So many piercings on children and adults become infected and have to be taken out due to negligence when it comes to aftercare. If you feel your kid will remember to regularly clean it and will be motivated to give it the required attention, then this is pretty crucial to the whole idea.

Will They Remember Not to Fiddle With It?

Piercings can also become infected from too much handling, and kids are often bad for constantly twiddling their jewelry, so this is another thing to think carefully about.