Is Your Baby Waking Up at Random Hours?

One of the main aspects of parenting is putting your baby to sleep, and making sure you’re there for them if they wake up. Babies go through a multitude of phases, some of which are harder than others. But regardless of what phase they’re in, you can expect to be up at random hours of the night quite often. But what if your baby is waking up at random hours when they’re used to sleeping a full night? Here’s what to do.

Nurse Them First

The first thing you should do is nurse your baby, and see if that helps. Bear in mind, however, that nursing them shouldn’t be the go-to every time, because you don’t want to give your baby an incentive to wake up in the middle of the night.

Rock Them

The next thing you should do is rock them back to sleep. Try all kinds of different movements, some of which may even baffle you. You’d be surprised at what kind of movements may soothe your baby, so be sure to try everything out, giving them a relaxing experience.

Play Some Music

Finally, if neither of the two previous things works, you can also play some relaxing music. You can do so on your phone, on a baby device, or even sing to them yourself. You can also lie down next to them to let them know you’re there and not leaving. These ideas aren’t foolproof, but they’re certainly great ways to help your baby fall back asleep.