Is Your Baby Having Trouble With Sleep? Try White Noise

White noise has been long known as a great aid for people who are struggling to sleep. But, did you know that its use isn’t just aimed at adults? As a matter of fact, white noise machines can help your baby fall asleep faster.

Benefits of White Noise for Babies

White noise successfully blocks the outside noises that might upset the baby while providing soothing sounds. They are able to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and avoid mood swings.

The effects of white noise on babies have been part of multiple studies in the past decades. One study from 1990 saw 80% of 20 babies between two and seven days old falling asleep within five minutes after hearing white noise. Additionally, a randomized controlled trial from 2017 discovered that white noise “significantly decreased the daily crying durations and increased the sleeping durations of the colicky babies.”

Things to Know About Using White Noise for Babies

If you are thinking about trying the white noise technique to help your baby fall asleep, there are some things you should know. First of all, the appropriate sound level for babies is up to 50 decibels, so make sure to avoid white noise machines that don’t offer such settings. Also, keep in mind that some babies don’t like white noise, and it won’t have the desired effect on them.