Is It Wrong To Push Your Child Into Stardom?

Some of our favorite movies and TV shows wouldn’t be what they are without the younger actors and actresses that star and them. Classics such as Home Alone and The Goonies are great examples of this. However, is there an uglier side behind the scenes of child stardom? There’s no secret that the lives of child stars aren’t exactly easy. With bizarre upbringings and problems that arise later on in life, we must ask the question: is it wrong to push your child into stardom?

Don’t Be a ‘Mom-ager’

A “mom-ager” is a mother who essentially pushes their child to stardom by sheer force and diligence. The term is stereotypically a mother, but this can obviously be done just as much by a father. But whether it’s a mom or dad, the sentiment remains: it’s absolutely wrong to push your child into the spotlight against their will.

Is It Their Choice?

Some moms and dads may claim that their children actually want the stardom, and that they as parents are merely supported them. However, this isn’t always true, because sometimes children will say or do things to appease their parents. And even it is true, perhaps it’s on the parents to be responsible and moderate these dreams. It’s important to support them, but we also need to be careful and smart.