Is it Wrong to Bring a Baby to a Concert?

Have you ever attended a concert and noticed that a person decided to bring their baby? What did you feel or think when that happened? Indeed, bringing a baby to a concert is one of those things that’s certainly controversial, and it’s definitely not that simple of a topic. There are many factors to consider, and here’s what they are.

Consider the Music

The first thing to consider is that not all music is the same. Should you bring your baby to a heavy metal concert? Absolutely not. Should you bring them to a classical piano recital? Absolutely. There’s a wide range of different sound profiles, and the question of whether you should bring your child relies heavily on how loud the music is.

Consider the Seating

But it’s not just about how loud the music is—it’s also about where you plan on sitting. If you plan on sitting in the front row, then even mildly loud music is probably not a good idea. But if you’re hanging out in the back of a major venue, then things can be more lenient.

Consider the Atmosphere

Finally, the atmosphere and culture is also super crucial to think about. What are people doing at the concert? Are they using illicit substances right in front of your face? If so, we would think that it should be a no-brainer that you cannot take your kids. But if this place is family-friendly, then by all means!