Is It Harder To Be a Parent As a Celebrity?

Celebrities really aren’t so different from the rest of us. They just happen to have boatloads of spare cash, as well as a social platform that enables them to speak to millions of people at a time if they so desire. But when it comes to parenting, are they really so different? And more interestingly, is it easier (or even perhaps harder) to be a parent as a celebrity?

Plenty of Resources

Some might think it would be easier to be a parent if you’re a celebrity. As we mentioned earlier, celebrities are generally loaded up the wazoo, and can thus afford all the help money can buy. Night nurses and extra babysitters are available resources 24/7, making for a luxurious parenting experience that few people enjoy.

The Importance of Life Lessons

But this leads to another question, which is: is taking care of your child about more than just babysitting them or providing them with luxury resources and opportunities? And the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Sure, when you’re a celeb, your kid will have access to better schools. Sure, you won’t have to wake up five times a night to take care of them when they’re babies. But parenting is also about raising them to be good people—and that’s something that money can’t buy.

In fact, it may even be harder as a celebrity to teach their kids quality life lessons, simply because celebs aren’t at home as much while they’re out shooting films or performing on world tours. They said the greatest ability is availability, and in this regard stars actually are at a disadvantage compared to average Joes.