Is a Pet Bird a Good Idea?

Family pets are a hugely popular choice for many people. It’s nice to have a little companion in your home and kids and grown-ups can gain much joy from these little friends. If you’re considering getting a family pet and are wondering whether some kind of bird would be a good option, then here are some helpful ideas to guide you.

They Can Be Left to Their Own Devices

If a big reason that a cat or dog isn’t ideal for your family is the fact they require a lot of attention, then birds can be a great choice. They of course need regular feeding and general checking up on them, but if they’re left alone for a few hours they won’t mind too much.

They Can Be Very Noisy

This does depend on the type of bird, but in general, you may be likely to have a lot more noise from birds than other pets. This may well put many people off, as the sound of a screeching parrot can be quite unbearable. 

They Can Provide Great Entertainment

While screeching isn’t fun, many birds will sing and whistle delightfully. They also may replicate the sounds around them, which can be very funny to experience. Some birds may even seem to dance, which is also a lovely sight.