Introverted Parents: Learn To Be Proactive

When we’re kids, we assume that our parents have all of the answers to everything. When the roles are reversed and we’re adults with children of our own, we learn how wrong we were to assume that. As parents, we’re faced with the prospect of looking at ourselves in the mirror and wondering whether or not we’re being our best selves. This is something we must do in order to optimize the way we raise our children. For instance, when it comes to parents who are introverted by nature, one big hurdle they must overcome is to be more proactive—and here’s why.

It’s Good For You—And For Them

As an introvert, learning to be more extroverted and proactive is something that’ll both benefit you and your children. It’ll benefit you because you’ll become a more open and well-rounded person. We’re not saying you should change yourself completely and become inauthentic. Rather, adopt the mindset of being the extroverted one from time to time, because you may enjoy how it feels.

As mentioned, this will greatly benefit the life of your child as well—which is, of course, the main point of all of this. Whether it’s taking them out to a baseball game, encouraging them to try out for a school play, or inviting them to tell you what’s on their mind—these are all proactive things you can do, and your child will need you to be that person occasionally.

The beauty of this is that eventually, being an extroverted person every now and then will start to feel natural. You’ll feel more fulfilled, opened up, and grateful that your children “got you out of your shell”!