Inspiring Couple Adopts Four Children From Foster Care System

Reece and Rob Scheer are a charismatic, humble couple from Darnestown. The two men, who have repeatedly been told that they were unfit to be parents and that two gay men raising a family are essentially setting all of the kids up to be failures, decided to adopt a little girl and three boys, despite all of the hateful opinions surrounding this decision.

The children that they adopted are each African American and had been living in foster care for quite some time. The two men aim to raise their kids in an environment that will foster love, respect, and the importance of being a good person.

Inspiring Couple Adopts Four Children From Foster Care System

Rob had a troublesome childhood and looks to raise his children in a more positive way and give them opportunities that he didn’t have as a child. Rob, along with his 10 siblings, suffered from psychological, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of his biological father. Then, his parents suddenly died when he turned 10 and although Rob believed that this would be the end to his torment, he was sent into the foster care system.

He claims that the mental toll that living in foster care was just as bad as the psychological abuse he had suffered earlier on in his life by his father. Having all of his belongings in a trash bag and surrounded by people that didn’t truly care about him influenced Rob to want to be the man to change the lives of other children in foster care when he got older and could support a family.

Reece and Rob’s story of selfless devotion to providing their kids with as good of a life as possible is an incredible exhibition of resilience and love.