Important Safety Tips for Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

While co-sleeping is usually not recommended, some parents still decide to share the bed with their baby. They might feel that this routine helps them protect and care for their baby more efficiently and that the baby will have a better sleep that way.

If you decide to co-sleep with your baby, you should make sure to follow some important safety tips.

Keep the Sleeping Surface Clear

Don’t use excess bedding like extra pillows, blankets, and covers. Keep it simple and clear as possible to provide your baby with enough room and minimize the hazards.

Place Your Baby in the Correct Position

The safest sleeping position for a baby, according to experts, is on their back. Make sure to place your baby in the correct position and monitor it frequently.

Avoid Warm Clothes and Heavy Covers

Your baby should wear light clothes, and you should avoid heavy covers. This will ensure that your baby doesn’t overheat during the night and has a more comfortable sleep.

Use Separate Sleeping Surface

The safest option for co-sleeping with your baby is to have a separate sleeping surface that can be fitted next to your bed. This way, you will stay in proximity to your baby while minimizing the potential risks.